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Medical Research & Fact Sheet

Medical research has established that Vitamin C plays an essential role in every aspect of the skin's functioning, including protection from UV damage and repair of cumulative sun-induced aging factors.

It has also been proven that for Vitamin C to be present in the skin in medically efficacious levels, it must be transported into cells through topical application. This is a complex technology involving stabilization, optimum skin absorption, adequate levels of activity and documented studies on human tissue substantiating that actual physiological changes are occurring.

Confusion and controversy regarding factual data and cosmetic rhetoric are rampant. C-ESTA™ containing DAE Complex is the result of 12 years of intensive medical research. These C-ESTA medical facts have been prepared in order to provide accurate and current information regarding C-ESTA's methods of action, its effectiveness as compared to other forms of Vitamin C, and its specific benefits.

This overview is segmented to reflect C-ESTA's two separate modes of action: Ascorbyl Palmitate and DAE Complex.


Ascorbyl palmitate is a lipid (fat) soluble form of Vitamin C. Ascorbyl palmitate maintains all the physiologic activity of Vitamin C without the problems that can be associated with ascorbic acid or L-ascorbic acid (the common water soluble form of Vitamin C).

Patients and physicians observe the following benefits:


Patients and Physicians observe the following benefits:

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